The setting for our beautiful Spanish wedding was in the slightly odd ball environment of a scout campsite complete with graffitied tipis and questionable loos, but wow, the surroundings were incredible!

The campsite is about a ten minute drive from my parents house at the top of a dead end road that takes you as high into the mountains as you can travel by car.

The natural pools right next to the campsite were the perfect antidote to the steamy temperatures.

But there was only so long that we could sit and admire the amazing views before we had to succumb the slightly daunting task of turning said scout camp into a boho wedding extravaganza!

It may not look like much but I can tell you this was a MAJOR operation with a task force of about thirty people by the end. Woe betide anyone who was staying up at the campsite as they officially became "helpers".

And so to the ceremony which was beautiful. Our family and friends provided the music with some beautiful singing which, combined with readings, reduced half the guests to tears, all the photos look like something awful has just happened!

And yes the flowers really were those colours, it turns out that when the florist told me she could get pink and blue flowers, what she actually meant was that she could get white flowers and spray them a lurid pink and blue!

Flower wise, my garland was definitely the star of the show, I felt like a Greek goddess of plenty, ready to shower my followers with fresh fruit and wine.

And so to the party..

The Pedder family had a hoot.

And our first dance was to an unknown Spanish folk song which involved lots of hopping from foot to foot.

It was a helluva bash with music pumping until dawn (or so I'm told - I didn't make it quite that far)and all the Brits were lapping up the fact that we were dancing outside on a balmy Spanish night, too far from civilisation for anyone to care about the bass line.

And that was that we are now officially married, twice!

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