The build up!!

Man, I have been busy these last few weeks, trying to incorporate an hour and a half of Bikram yoga into my daily routine has simply made me hot, sweaty and incredibly inefficient (although I do finally feel that operation wedding beautification has finally begun in earnest!)On top of all of that the sun has come out so of course there's the obligatory sun worshipping that needs to be done, mmmm, how to get everything done?

Getting wedding ready is a bit like revising for exams, there are definitely some tasks that are more appealing than others and it turns out making lace bunting to deck out our bell tent with on our honeymoon is a pretty fun task.

That fabric is a gorgeous lace which I had left over from something else, dead romantic.

I've also finally got the invitations for the Spanish fiesta we're having which was a relief as everyone had bought their flights but there was still no official invite!

It's all happening in an incredibly remote part of Spain so I needed to give lots of information so people could actually find their way around. I thought the best way was to draw a map, which took flipping ages but tuned out quite pleasingly in the end.

Hopefully now, no one will get lost and everything will run like clock work (I doubt it somehow!).

Other than that the other grand event of the last week or two was my hen do, which really was the hen do to end all hen do's. I absolutely loved it and my sisters and friends had gone to so much effort it was all quite emotional (the bits I can remember) 

We rented a canal boat for the day and travelled up from East London to Kensal Rise. There was a Spanish theme to the whole event, hence my velveteen dress and red feather fan. Here I am with my Mum and three of my sisters, hanging out under the Spanish flag.

The barge activities were very civilised and it wasn't until we met up with everyone else later on that things took a turn towards the less sophisticated side of hen do's. How can the day have gone from this...

to this.....

Not pretty!

I shall leave you with some lovely, soothing pics of the garden and just to say I am photographing a stunning new sofa tomorrow so keep your eye out for that.

Enjoy the sunshine x

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