Sunny England

Well, really, sunny England is misleading but the sun did come out for at least one day and it just so happened to be my friends' Liz and Jimmy's wedding day. Not only was this incredibly lucky it was also very necessary as they were getting married on Camber Sands near Rye, and as dramatic as a windswept beach is, I just know this was not the look Liz was going for.

We hoofed it down from London where it was grey and drizzly, till we arrived at this unbelievable stretch of wide, golden sand and turquoise sea. It was like a different world.

Liz is an old colleague of mine from when I worked at Designers Guild and it was so much fun to catch up with some of the old gang, amongst us all there was one wedding (which we were at), two new engagements and three new babies.. it made us all feel rather old - in a good way!

What a venue to drink fizz and natter to mates, plus the photo opps were fantastic. Particularly love this one of Lady Swindells being carried off the beach, way to go Liz!

Basically I think I was just ecstatic about being out in the sunshine, by the sea, it feels like forever since I got the chance to paddle.

Look at my grin, that is one happy girl paddling here, empty glass in hand having just downed my fifth glass of vodka punch!

The rest of the day was inside but Nick and I couldn't resist popping out for an evening stroll. By this time the sea was way out and the beach was deserted, really, really beautiful.

Whilst Nick tried to expound on the beauty of nature and the importance of living near the sea, I kicked off my shoes and decided there was much more fun to be had in the sand dunes.


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Swindells, I hope you have a long and happy life together and thank you for an amazing day xxx

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