'nother chair and stuff

So here it is, the lovely scissor arm chair all upholstered in beautiful new fabric and ready to go. 

I've called this chair the Sherborne Chair as it was inspired by my Jubilee weekend tour of the west country, ending in a little village near Sherborne in Dorset. Due to my map reading we spent most of our time meandering down country lanes and through lots of little villages which were the absolute epitome of rural country life - true Hardy country.

The chair is 1940's Danish piece and is made out of beech wood. It is a very sturdy, very comfortable size and the neutral fabric mean it would fit in to most colour schemes.

I found this fabric at a shop on Portobello Road, called The Cloth Shop. It is like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, full of really amazing fabrics and a completely different world from the franticness of the rest of Portobello.

Other than chair stuff and more wedding prep(!)we've been taking it preety easy this weekend. The sun has taken a pretty part time approach to it's job recently and when I attempted to lie in the garden earlier today I ended up with two blankets tucked around me! 

I have been planting a fair bit recently though, my obsessive plant buying has been driven on by the fact that Morrisons now stocks an amazing range of fresh plants. You can buy a clematis for £1.79!! Amazing value, so I spent about £50 and came home with armfuls of new plants. We shall see how they fair over the rest of the summer.

Nick bought me some more foxgloves, which look fantastic, but I will leave you with an evening pic of my peonies which opened yesterday, arean't they beautiful.

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