Holiday week: Part 2 (sunshine at last)

Still no chair news I'm afraid, I've been too busy topping up my vitamin D supplies which had reached perilously low levels. 

Ten years ago my parents threw caution the wind (in a very atypical manner) and built a house in the Sierra de Gredos mountains, west of Madrid. Dad grew up in Madrid and his dream was always to own a little flat there; Mum had other ideas and they compromised on somewhere in the countryside, close enough to Madrid for a day trip.

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They spend a couple of months out there each summer and then rent it out for the rest of the year - a lifestyle I aspire to! 

By the time I arrived at the house Mum, Dad, sister Lizzie and the  dogs, Iggy and Mungo, were very happily settled into the Spanish rhythm of mañana mañana and the dogs were totally ruling the roost as they always do.

Sunbathing was often interrupted by Iggy whose favourite place to lie (or stand) was consistently on someone's tummy.. it didn't lend itself to even tanning!

Every time I go out there the farm looks even more beautiful than the time before. This time it was the vegetable patch which got me, it was stuffed to the brim with lettuces, onions, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers and courgettes. All you needed to do was yank them out of the ground.

The other thing that had happened since I was last out there was that our friend Juan, master of all things practical, had fixed our ancient aquecia and now water flowed past our front door and at all times you can hear the stream bubbling past.

Aquecias are the ancient network of man made streams that carry water down from the mountain sides as the snow melts, making sure that each little farm or finca, get's it's fair share of water. Until recently ours had been blocked and there was just a boggy patch in a corner which the wild boar liked to wallow. Now it flows freely across the farm, watering our veggie patch and all the fruit trees on it's way.

And the wild flowers didn't disappoint either, this part of Spain has had weather like here in Blighty, tonnes of rain and then quite a bit of sunshine, so everything is looking tip top. June is by far the best time to visit as it's not too hot and everything is still looking gorgeous and green. 

It was such a great few days away, I gorged on fresh salad and chorizo, drank bottles of red wine, chatted, laughed and pottered and generally came home feeling a million times more healthy and happy than I had when I went out there, now that is what I call a holiday!

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