Holiday week: Part 1 (the rainy part)

Jubilee weekend was a bit of a non event in my household, I think if we'd been staying in London we might have got a bit more revved up about it all but since we were heading down to Cornish lands we weren't that fussed. In fact after spending seven hours nose to nose with other cars on the A303 on Friday we were pretty over it all.

We decided to stop short of our destination, Fowey, and break up the journey by spending the night at Widemouth Bay in Devon. Having had a pretty boring day, we arrived at the beach just as the surf shop was closing, they pointed us in the direction of a little gem of a campsite with an amazing view of the coast line then the sun came out! What an evening and a sunset surf to top it off. All was right with the world again. Truth be told we were a bit reluctant to pack up and head off to the wedding the next morning, it being so astoundingly beautiful all around us. 

When we arrived in Fowey (just in time following an overturned caravan and much speeding down country lanes) we were totally taken aback by how amazing the wedding was. It was such a privilege to see my very good friends Mike and Georgie tie the knot and such an enormous amount of effort and love had gone into every aspect, it really was awe inspiring.

Following the big day, we still had the after party on the Sunday to look forward to. This was a true feat of Britishness, a rain soaked tea party and a short tennis tournament by the sea side which, of course, everyone got properly stuck into despite the rain.

The Happy Couple bestowing the short tennis awards.

The party pushed on through till the wee hours but luckily we had chosen our camping spot carefully and we were safely ensconced in a far corner where we spent quite a lot of time chillin' with my godson, little Wilf.

So this is the boy, chilling with a beer and a baby in the bag. Both boys were very happy. 

A rainy wedding day is meant to mean a happy marriage, or some gumph like that, but it was a shame because on Monday morning there was a bright blue sky and Fowey was the picture of summer sunshine once again. 

And so we started the long journey back to London, past the most stunning road side foxgloves (much more impressive than anything I can grow in my garden) and miles and miles of bunting stretched  out across our green and pleasant land. 

 And then we passed this lil' beauty. We startled her on a quiet road and once at a safe distance she just stood silently and watched us, I had the real feeling of me being the impostor on their world.. quite a strange feeling for us human beans!

 And lastly, some chair news. I have started selling on a lovely site called Rocket St George which describes themselves as being an, "online shop which offers an eclectic mix of contemporary homeware and gifts with a strong emphasis on style.  We have a broad range of bespoke, design led and often hand made pieces".

It does have some lovely bits and bobs, so if you haven't already heard of it then have a squiz.

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