New chairs, new specs and wedding doodlings

Hello and happy Friday, I have had one of those days where I seem to have left something behind at every place I've been to. My pride and joy, new Christian Lacroix sunglasses from TK Max got left at my friends work shop, the new car tax disc at the printers and then I lost fifty quid I'd just got out to pay for our amazing new water butt... needless to say I've spent the afternoon retracing my morning steps and feeling rather scatty! Anyhoo, I got home in the end and I managed to photograph a few new chairs so here goes...

Ta da, another little 1940's cocktail in a sludgy purple grey linen and gorgeous ticking on the back and sides. Very nice this one and destined for the fine establishment The Perching Post. It's going to be exclusive to there so pop in as of tomorrow if you want to have a squiz or a sit down.

1940's restored cocktail chair: £400 (available from The Perching Post)

I also just finished a little yellow cocktail which will sit in my bedroom for a few days as some substitute sunshine in this dreary month of June (do I sound too gloomy? but really it's almost July and I was practically blown away on Chamberlayne Road this morning!)

This is another 1940's restored cocktail and you can buy this one directly through myself (good price, no commission charged) or on Notonthehighstreet or from my shop

Biarritz Chair: 1940's restored cocktail £350 through myself, email hickeyanddobson@gmail.com if interested.

On other matters, I have finally finished and addressed and sent out all the invites for the Wimbledon part of our wedding (ie the church ceremony and some drinks afterwards at my parents house) I have doodled and drawn and revised the invitation a million times but this is what we came up with for Wimbledon.

It seems that when big changes are happening in my life I bury myself in some small task and ignore everything else, I think it's a coping strategy when everything feels like it's changing really, really fast. 

So yes, I know they're not that impressive but I'm still teaching myself how to use Photoshop so it's all a bit of trial and error at the moment, I'll probably look back at them in five years time and think, "why the hell did you send out those, they stink!" but hey ho, for now I'm rather pleased with myself! I have found it very therapeutic having something creative to focus on and I really think I'm happiest when I'm creating something.

I'll leave you with some pictures of my lovely new purchases...

It's an old boiler actually but it has lovely little wooden tap at the bottom and will work perfectly as a water butt once we've cut a hole in the metal lid for the pipe to go into. We're going to take down the shed at the back of the garden where I store all my fabric and build a proper garden office so we each have a work space and still have a proper bedroom in the flat, so exciting, we're asking for money towards it for our wedding presents and can't stop bidding for lovely things on ebay.

This is the shed at the mo, I love it but you can't swing a cat in there and in the winter when i'm trying to find fabric in the evening there are semi hilarious/disastrous incidents of me, torch in mouth being buried under shelves and shelves of falling fabric. The new shed will be complete with electricity, v swanky.

And here are my new specs, this is big news in my life, not only did I grace the doors of TK Max for the very first time ever but also I have got my fiance off my back who has a pet hate for cheap sunglasses and makes my life a misery whenever  don my Topshop black plastic numbers!

And lastly, and I promise to stop rambling after this, here are my lettuce seedlings, weirdly I haven't ever grown them before and they are a doddle. I'm going to plant them out tomorrow and then, hopefully, we will be munching garden grown greens for weeks to come.

Have a great weekend every one x


'nother chair and stuff

So here it is, the lovely scissor arm chair all upholstered in beautiful new fabric and ready to go. 

I've called this chair the Sherborne Chair as it was inspired by my Jubilee weekend tour of the west country, ending in a little village near Sherborne in Dorset. Due to my map reading we spent most of our time meandering down country lanes and through lots of little villages which were the absolute epitome of rural country life - true Hardy country.

The chair is 1940's Danish piece and is made out of beech wood. It is a very sturdy, very comfortable size and the neutral fabric mean it would fit in to most colour schemes.

I found this fabric at a shop on Portobello Road, called The Cloth Shop. It is like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, full of really amazing fabrics and a completely different world from the franticness of the rest of Portobello.

Other than chair stuff and more wedding prep(!)we've been taking it preety easy this weekend. The sun has taken a pretty part time approach to it's job recently and when I attempted to lie in the garden earlier today I ended up with two blankets tucked around me! 

I have been planting a fair bit recently though, my obsessive plant buying has been driven on by the fact that Morrisons now stocks an amazing range of fresh plants. You can buy a clematis for £1.79!! Amazing value, so I spent about £50 and came home with armfuls of new plants. We shall see how they fair over the rest of the summer.

Nick bought me some more foxgloves, which look fantastic, but I will leave you with an evening pic of my peonies which opened yesterday, arean't they beautiful.


Holiday week: Part 2 (sunshine at last)

Still no chair news I'm afraid, I've been too busy topping up my vitamin D supplies which had reached perilously low levels. 

Ten years ago my parents threw caution the wind (in a very atypical manner) and built a house in the Sierra de Gredos mountains, west of Madrid. Dad grew up in Madrid and his dream was always to own a little flat there; Mum had other ideas and they compromised on somewhere in the countryside, close enough to Madrid for a day trip.

 (In aid of the Jubilee)
They spend a couple of months out there each summer and then rent it out for the rest of the year - a lifestyle I aspire to! 

By the time I arrived at the house Mum, Dad, sister Lizzie and the  dogs, Iggy and Mungo, were very happily settled into the Spanish rhythm of mañana mañana and the dogs were totally ruling the roost as they always do.

Sunbathing was often interrupted by Iggy whose favourite place to lie (or stand) was consistently on someone's tummy.. it didn't lend itself to even tanning!

Every time I go out there the farm looks even more beautiful than the time before. This time it was the vegetable patch which got me, it was stuffed to the brim with lettuces, onions, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers and courgettes. All you needed to do was yank them out of the ground.

The other thing that had happened since I was last out there was that our friend Juan, master of all things practical, had fixed our ancient aquecia and now water flowed past our front door and at all times you can hear the stream bubbling past.

Aquecias are the ancient network of man made streams that carry water down from the mountain sides as the snow melts, making sure that each little farm or finca, get's it's fair share of water. Until recently ours had been blocked and there was just a boggy patch in a corner which the wild boar liked to wallow. Now it flows freely across the farm, watering our veggie patch and all the fruit trees on it's way.

And the wild flowers didn't disappoint either, this part of Spain has had weather like here in Blighty, tonnes of rain and then quite a bit of sunshine, so everything is looking tip top. June is by far the best time to visit as it's not too hot and everything is still looking gorgeous and green. 

It was such a great few days away, I gorged on fresh salad and chorizo, drank bottles of red wine, chatted, laughed and pottered and generally came home feeling a million times more healthy and happy than I had when I went out there, now that is what I call a holiday!


Holiday week: Part 1 (the rainy part)

Jubilee weekend was a bit of a non event in my household, I think if we'd been staying in London we might have got a bit more revved up about it all but since we were heading down to Cornish lands we weren't that fussed. In fact after spending seven hours nose to nose with other cars on the A303 on Friday we were pretty over it all.

We decided to stop short of our destination, Fowey, and break up the journey by spending the night at Widemouth Bay in Devon. Having had a pretty boring day, we arrived at the beach just as the surf shop was closing, they pointed us in the direction of a little gem of a campsite with an amazing view of the coast line then the sun came out! What an evening and a sunset surf to top it off. All was right with the world again. Truth be told we were a bit reluctant to pack up and head off to the wedding the next morning, it being so astoundingly beautiful all around us. 

When we arrived in Fowey (just in time following an overturned caravan and much speeding down country lanes) we were totally taken aback by how amazing the wedding was. It was such a privilege to see my very good friends Mike and Georgie tie the knot and such an enormous amount of effort and love had gone into every aspect, it really was awe inspiring.

Following the big day, we still had the after party on the Sunday to look forward to. This was a true feat of Britishness, a rain soaked tea party and a short tennis tournament by the sea side which, of course, everyone got properly stuck into despite the rain.

The Happy Couple bestowing the short tennis awards.

The party pushed on through till the wee hours but luckily we had chosen our camping spot carefully and we were safely ensconced in a far corner where we spent quite a lot of time chillin' with my godson, little Wilf.

So this is the boy, chilling with a beer and a baby in the bag. Both boys were very happy. 

A rainy wedding day is meant to mean a happy marriage, or some gumph like that, but it was a shame because on Monday morning there was a bright blue sky and Fowey was the picture of summer sunshine once again. 

And so we started the long journey back to London, past the most stunning road side foxgloves (much more impressive than anything I can grow in my garden) and miles and miles of bunting stretched  out across our green and pleasant land. 

 And then we passed this lil' beauty. We startled her on a quiet road and once at a safe distance she just stood silently and watched us, I had the real feeling of me being the impostor on their world.. quite a strange feeling for us human beans!

 And lastly, some chair news. I have started selling on a lovely site called Rocket St George which describes themselves as being an, "online shop which offers an eclectic mix of contemporary homeware and gifts with a strong emphasis on style.  We have a broad range of bespoke, design led and often hand made pieces".

It does have some lovely bits and bobs, so if you haven't already heard of it then have a squiz.