The Scissor Arm and Spoke Arm are back!

Way back in the mists of time I came across two really lovely chairs which originated from some unspecified, northern European location (1940's Communist Germany is a good bet I think). I have hunted high and low for more without any luck.. until now!

I finally have a new spoke arm chair, just like the one above, in a beautiful golden elm wood. It may not look like much at the moment but then none of us look our best after a two day journey in the back of a van! If you are interested, I am able to source the same fabric for the new chair.

Spoke Arm Chair £590

The other chair I've recently found is the scissor arm chair, also an absolute corker! Below is a picture of one I did up a year or so ago to give you an idea of how fab they look when they're all spruced up!

The fabric on the chair above was a vintage find so I won't be able to do renovate the one below exactly the same, but I have tonnes of other patterns/floral/stripes etc if you're interested.

Scissor Arm Chair £590

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