The Rural Idyl

Well, gosh, this weather has taken me a bit off guard! After months of greyness and drizzle/horizontal rain, I am utterly blinded by how beautiful everything looks in this sparkling sunshine.

We did a tour of Oxfordshire having lunch with some friends in Chipping Norton (no sign of Miss R. Brooks or any of her cronies)and then on to the most picturesque little village to stay with our friends Dave and Sarah who have ditched London life and are residing in the rolling fields of the Cotswolds. Needless to say it was pretty blissful! 

And here's me, frolicking in a water meadow, gorgeous until the inevitable happened and I succumbed to terrible hay fever.. it was only a matter of time!

Next weekend we are off to Fowey in Cornwall to see our friends Mike and Georgie get married. It's sure to be the most amazing wedding, a band called the Mad Cows are providing the music and judging from previous Glastonbury experiences they are set to bring the marquee down, literally maybe!

We're staying in a house called Menebily which I've stayed in before and the view above was the view from my bedroom window.

The house itself is incredible and is where Daphne Du Maurier wrote Rebecca, you can see why, tiny cove, fisherman's cottage, deserted beach, owls hooting. Pretty spooky actually.

Last time we stayed in the house, but I think we'll take the bell tent next weekend to make room for other wedding guests in the house. We will have to share the lawn with an excessive amount of ducks, and as I remember they were not altogether friendly last time. I shall report more in a week or so!

Have a smashing Jubilee Weekend one and all! 
May the sun shine on all of us. x

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