The Rural Idyl

Well, gosh, this weather has taken me a bit off guard! After months of greyness and drizzle/horizontal rain, I am utterly blinded by how beautiful everything looks in this sparkling sunshine.

We did a tour of Oxfordshire having lunch with some friends in Chipping Norton (no sign of Miss R. Brooks or any of her cronies)and then on to the most picturesque little village to stay with our friends Dave and Sarah who have ditched London life and are residing in the rolling fields of the Cotswolds. Needless to say it was pretty blissful! 

And here's me, frolicking in a water meadow, gorgeous until the inevitable happened and I succumbed to terrible hay fever.. it was only a matter of time!

Next weekend we are off to Fowey in Cornwall to see our friends Mike and Georgie get married. It's sure to be the most amazing wedding, a band called the Mad Cows are providing the music and judging from previous Glastonbury experiences they are set to bring the marquee down, literally maybe!

We're staying in a house called Menebily which I've stayed in before and the view above was the view from my bedroom window.

The house itself is incredible and is where Daphne Du Maurier wrote Rebecca, you can see why, tiny cove, fisherman's cottage, deserted beach, owls hooting. Pretty spooky actually.

Last time we stayed in the house, but I think we'll take the bell tent next weekend to make room for other wedding guests in the house. We will have to share the lawn with an excessive amount of ducks, and as I remember they were not altogether friendly last time. I shall report more in a week or so!

Have a smashing Jubilee Weekend one and all! 
May the sun shine on all of us. x


Introducing the Verona Chair..

It's quarter to seven in the evening and it's still absolutely beautiful weather, even the breeze is warm, it's amazing, only yesterday I was wearing gloves to cycle in the early morning chill. Love it.

Right without further ado, tada, the new Verona Chair!

It's a gorgeous brass footed 1950's arm chair and it's been upholstered in a heavy weight natural linen on the inside and a woven blue and natural, delicate stripe on the outside.

As per usual, the chair has been hand stitched and hand sprung and is a beautiful and sturdy piece.

Verona Chair: 1950's brass foot, oak detail Swedish arm chair £650

Enjoy the sunshine everyone, I'm sure we're all crying out for some vitamin D so get out in the garden and make the most of it! x


Busy week

It's been a crazy busy weekend, lots of fun things and lots to do! We spent all of yesterday at an obligatory wedding preparation course, it was 9am till 5pm on a Saturday so they were fighting a losing battle really! That, combined with a trip to Surrey to pick up our latest ebay find and a celebratory meal out today in Primrose Hill meant that H&D has taken something of a back seat recently!

I did, however, manage to finish a new chair I've been working on for some time. It is the first in what will be a series of chairs that are upholstered using beautiful fabrics from exclusive, high end designers.

The Darwin Chair, is covered in a classic Bennison fabric. Bennison is a wonderful fabric house which bases it's designs on 18th and 19th Century English and French textile designs. These are hand printed and developed through hand drawing and silk screen techniques.

As with all Hickey and Dobson chairs, this has been upholstered using traditional methods with a sprung seat and hand stitched seams.

Darwin Chair: 1940's spoke arm cocktail chair in Bennison fabrics £800

Apart from wedding prep and stitching, I also managed to swing by the Designers Guild warhouse, and crickey, it was a complete treasure trove of lovely stripes and linens and gorgeous velvets. I bought so much I couldn't even carry it and had to enlist the help of a very nice man! Watch this space, I was up until 2am last night planning what fabrics will go where!

And last but not least, I've bought lots of lovely new chairs, a few of which there are some mini photos of below.

The photo's aren't great but I wanted to show you the new stock I'm getting in. I'll take some better pics when they arrive at the workshop and I'll put some prices up as well.

Until then, have a super week!


The Scissor Arm and Spoke Arm are back!

Way back in the mists of time I came across two really lovely chairs which originated from some unspecified, northern European location (1940's Communist Germany is a good bet I think). I have hunted high and low for more without any luck.. until now!

I finally have a new spoke arm chair, just like the one above, in a beautiful golden elm wood. It may not look like much at the moment but then none of us look our best after a two day journey in the back of a van! If you are interested, I am able to source the same fabric for the new chair.

Spoke Arm Chair £590

The other chair I've recently found is the scissor arm chair, also an absolute corker! Below is a picture of one I did up a year or so ago to give you an idea of how fab they look when they're all spruced up!

The fabric on the chair above was a vintage find so I won't be able to do renovate the one below exactly the same, but I have tonnes of other patterns/floral/stripes etc if you're interested.

Scissor Arm Chair £590


Stop press, new chair alert!

Introducing the Southbank Chair..

With the brass arm spokes inlaid with yellow formica, there's no mistaking which decade this chair originates from. 

The inside back and seat have been upholstered in a turquoise linen and the side panels and reverse in a turquoise/grey wool tweed. 

Southbank Chair: 1950's teak frame armchair £550


Please excuse the photography!

I forgot my camera today so I've been snapping on my iphone (I have an ancient one so none of these pro quality images I'm afraid). Anyhow, I just wanted to show you a few bits and bobs and will put up pretty pics asap.

Firstly there's a new chair in The Perching Post. This one is exclusive to the shop so you can't buy it on Not On The High Street on anywhere else. It's a gorgeous oak detail 1950's arm chair with little bronze feet, upholstered in heavy ticking and a linen weave.

 1950's Oak detail arm chair £700: Available at The Perching Post

I've also bought a new chair which is waiting to be upholstered. Please let me know if you are interested in it and we can work out upholstery colours.

I do have another chair which I've also just completed but the pictures are so poor it pains me to put them up so you will just have to be patient. It's very nice and very retro!

I'm sure I'll be back on the blog on this drizzly and wet bank holiday weekend, since our camping trip has been ditched there really isn't that much else to do.

Ta ra then. x