Horticultural potterings!

We woke up, we both said "we need to work," and then we went out into the garden and that was that, all ideas about essay writing or invoice sorting went out of the window and we spent the rest of the day giving our garden some luuuurve - it was very grateful as it had been sadly neglected recently.

I started with my seedlings which I love because they were hard, dry little things two weeks ago and now they're all sprouting out little green, luscious leaves.

Nick went for a more aggressive stance and duly whipped out a couple of quite mature shrubs he deemed to be ugly! He promptly planted his beloved Acer tree, but what to do with said shrubs, which are quite large and to my displeasure were now sitting in the middle of the lawn!

Nick had a typical man approach to the situation... BURN IT! And so out came the camping stove and in went the shrub, twig by twig. I have to admit it was rather fun, an urban bonfire if you will, and by the end of the day the shrubs were just a little pile of ash and the garden looked stupendous!

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