A few bits and bobs!

Wotcha, we have been camping in our brand new bell tent! It had it's inaugural outing to a farm in Suffolk and it was gorgeous, if not a bit chilly! It was a friends wedding and luckily there were a few of us all sleeping in together so body warmth saved the day.

Look at our tea light chandelier!Lovely cosy glow, shame it was sub zero in there but I guess that's what comes from camping in March.

A beautiful weekend was rounded off by an extremely lazy Monday, walking along Regents Canal in London from Islington to Broadway Market on a sunny, summery afternoon with my mate Clare. What a pleasure!

And last but not least a new chair. This one is Knoll original and is one of a pair that has been commissioned by a customer. I was a bit unsure of the colour choice but hats off to Zoe, she got it spot on, I think the orange velvet looks ace. 

Please excuse the dodgy setting for the photos!

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