Hickey and Dobson in the physical form!

It's been a big day for H&D, our furniture is now displayed in it's physical form (rather than on t'interweb)via a lovely shop called The Perching Post, which can be found on Barnes High Street in South West London.

The Perching Post is a new shop, owned and managed by a very nice lady called Anna who originally trained as a set designer. It's aim, in Anna's words is, "to bring restored/updated furniture to the market as well furniture and giftware from independent designers and top quality traders". Needless it to say it is full of rather lovely homey stuff that I am now coveting!

Doesn't it look lovely!

The Perching Post
55 High Street
SW13 9LF
Tel:020 8876 3383


Horticultural potterings!

We woke up, we both said "we need to work," and then we went out into the garden and that was that, all ideas about essay writing or invoice sorting went out of the window and we spent the rest of the day giving our garden some luuuurve - it was very grateful as it had been sadly neglected recently.

I started with my seedlings which I love because they were hard, dry little things two weeks ago and now they're all sprouting out little green, luscious leaves.

Nick went for a more aggressive stance and duly whipped out a couple of quite mature shrubs he deemed to be ugly! He promptly planted his beloved Acer tree, but what to do with said shrubs, which are quite large and to my displeasure were now sitting in the middle of the lawn!

Nick had a typical man approach to the situation... BURN IT! And so out came the camping stove and in went the shrub, twig by twig. I have to admit it was rather fun, an urban bonfire if you will, and by the end of the day the shrubs were just a little pile of ash and the garden looked stupendous!


Check it out... two new chairs!

If you have been craving something mauve and checky for your living room then look no further... ta da... introducing the all new Norfolk Chair, a lovely little 1940's cocktail chair recovered in 100% linen. It has a plain mauve linen on the back and the front and piping are in a rather fetching mauve check with two contrasting mauve buttons. Very nice.

Norfolk chair: 1940's Cocktail Chair £410

And there's one more chair, the Barcelona Chair, it's similar to the old Berlin chair (a 1950's occasional chair) but it' been covered in different fabrics. To continue on the check theme, this has a small linen check on the front and a lovely woven stripe on the back. Both fabrics are set on a natural back ground with the check and stripes in various grey/blue colours.

Barcelona Chair: 1940's occasional chair £200


A few days in Spain

We had the most beautiful, blissful Easter break and both took a week off completely which was FANTASTIC! We headed out to my parents house in rural Spain where we spent most of our time sampling Spanish wine in the name of wedding preparation, mucho fun! 

The farm looks really beautiful at this time of year with all the cherry blossom and wisteria in flower. We also came across some rather strange flora which I have no idea what it is/was but looked incredible!

And one random iris popping it's head up in the middle of the cherry and fig orchard!

The only shame was that the weather was a bit chilsome and on the last day lots of snow was dumped up on the high peaks. This just meant lots of bedding down infront of the fire with the ever present vino tinto!



Hickey and Dobson have branched out and I've been really busy rustling up some cushions to sell on NotonTheHighStreet.
This first range of wrapped cushions are all made of pure linen or velvet and have a duck down pad and a concealed zip. They are very comfy and ideal for moulding into the perfect pillow.

These are just a few of the designs I'm working on, take a look at the CUSHIONS page to see the full selection. 

I'm also planning on using some completely different fabrics altogether for some new cushions which I'll post up here as soon as they're done. They're going to be made out of west African batik fabric and i think they will look amazing on some of the chairs.

The cushions are wrapped and sit beautifully on either the furniture or the floor.
Concealed zip


Happiness is...

A sunny Good Friday in my garden...

With my robin...

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you all have super weekend filled with lots of sunshine and happiness.


A few bits and bobs!

Wotcha, we have been camping in our brand new bell tent! It had it's inaugural outing to a farm in Suffolk and it was gorgeous, if not a bit chilly! It was a friends wedding and luckily there were a few of us all sleeping in together so body warmth saved the day.

Look at our tea light chandelier!Lovely cosy glow, shame it was sub zero in there but I guess that's what comes from camping in March.

A beautiful weekend was rounded off by an extremely lazy Monday, walking along Regents Canal in London from Islington to Broadway Market on a sunny, summery afternoon with my mate Clare. What a pleasure!

And last but not least a new chair. This one is Knoll original and is one of a pair that has been commissioned by a customer. I was a bit unsure of the colour choice but hats off to Zoe, she got it spot on, I think the orange velvet looks ace. 

Please excuse the dodgy setting for the photos!