Magnolia chair and Magnolia tree

Anyone who lives in London I'm sure will agree, that today was a truly beautiful day. Everywhere had a summer feel and I was pottering about in shorts, total bliss! And so you are treated  to yet another picture of my beautiful Magnolia tree, which goes very well with my new Magnolia chair!

And another shot of my garden because it makes me happy!


Chair pairs!!

And after a busy Sunday evening, finally a bit of chair news!

I just bought a couple of pairs of chairs and they're stunning! I am really keen to keep them as pairs and upholster them in coordinating fabrics. They were all sourced in Denmark although they don't have a markings so i can't vouch for that.

Pair of 1950's oak detail armchairs £900

Note the lovely brass tips on the legs, they sold these chairs to me!
 Pair of walnut 1050's arm chairs £950

'nuff said, these chairs are SUPERB!
As per usual, drop me a line if you're interseted in any of the above.


Viva Espania

I just very quickly also wanted to write something about my trip to Spain a few weeks ago. It was a wedding recce to see how easy it was going to be have a knees up out in the wilds of rural Spain (aka where my Mum and Dad have a beautiful house). Turns out there's a campsite very nearby with wooden teepees all the guests can stay in and it's set in the most stunning location. Here are a few pics we took!


Spring is sprung!

Everywhere I look things are buzzing back into life, it's like there is an over load of energy every time the sun comes out! Flowers that I was sure had died in the garden are now popping out buds and looking really rather cheerful. 

And the birds are having a whale of a time of a time in my back garden, ruffling their feathers and getting all hot under the collar when another bird of the same species comes anywhere near them. Basically I have spent a lot of my weekend peering out of the window watching the antics of the Kensal Rise bird population and loving it! Its the small things in life right?

And I managed to pap this little Robin on my phone as he happily rootled for crumbs from our breakfast, I mega heart Robins!


It's been a while!

I am aware that the last thing I wrote almost a month ago, was that I had a lovely Danish armchair which I needed to out up on the blog. Well it took a little bit longer to get round to doing it than I expected but, finally here it is...

Introducing the Copenhagen, 1950's teak armchair with loose cushions in 100% floral linen.
Price: £450