Morocco and more.

Well it's been a while and it's been a bit of a whirlwind as well. After charging up and down the country over Christmas, I then hot footed it to Morocco for a much needed dose of sunshine, sleep and a little bit of exoticness! I got a bit more than I bargained for and touched back down in the London the very proud owner of a rather lovely engagement ring and the words Mrs Mary Taylor bouncing round my brain!

We stayed in a small port town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, called Essouira. It is an incredible old walled town with a rabbit warren of little cobbled streets winding all the way through it and when you make it up on to the flat roofs of one of the buildings the view of the sea is breathtaking.

As much as it was totally amazing to sit in a cafe sipping a cafe au lait and soaking up the rays, we did venture outside the city walls on a surfing mission to brave the, frankly, offensively cold water.

We started slow with a bit of good old British paddling but soon donned our wet suits and got surfing in earnest. Now there is no way of making us look cool in these photos, no matter how much photo editing I do, suffice to say those waves were much bigger than they look!

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