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I just took delivery of some new stock fresh from far flung parts of our continent (mainly Denmark and Germany I do believe). I think they are really pretty, especially the cocktail chairs with the spoke arms, I haven't seen this combo before and I love it!

1950's cocktail chair with spoke arms

A beautiful 1950's chair in the style of Knoll

1950's dining/occasional chair - it's just like the Berlin Chair I recently sold.

1950's cocktail chair with arms - I really like the fluted detail and the curved back.

I'm going to store these pieces for a little while and mull over what fabrics I think would best suit them. If you see any piece you really like then drop me a line and we can discuss what fabrics and colours you would like and it can be a bespoke piece made especially for you!

e: hickeyanddobson@gmail.com
t: 07771988961

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