Just in..

I just took delivery of some new stock fresh from far flung parts of our continent (mainly Denmark and Germany I do believe). I think they are really pretty, especially the cocktail chairs with the spoke arms, I haven't seen this combo before and I love it!

1950's cocktail chair with spoke arms

A beautiful 1950's chair in the style of Knoll

1950's dining/occasional chair - it's just like the Berlin Chair I recently sold.

1950's cocktail chair with arms - I really like the fluted detail and the curved back.

I'm going to store these pieces for a little while and mull over what fabrics I think would best suit them. If you see any piece you really like then drop me a line and we can discuss what fabrics and colours you would like and it can be a bespoke piece made especially for you!

e: hickeyanddobson@gmail.com
t: 07771988961

The North

To my shame I have reached the grand old age of 33 and the list of northern cities I have visited is woefully small. That is until now, with the advent of a new person in my life I packed my bags and headed up to Yorkshire for the weekend. Nick is studying for a doctorate in psychology at Sheffield University and has spent a fair few years before that living in Manchester.. a far cry from my London roots and formative Bristol student days!

We headed to Manchester on Saturday and it really was everything it's cracked up to be. Under Nick's guiding hand we headed straight for the Northern Quarter, a mix of imposing old warehouse buildings, cool little bars and cafes and amazing value vintage shops.

Note the above vintage Aran cardigan, I picked up this beauty for £30, a bargain I thought!

We spent the day tucking into mulled wine and popping into lovely little bars as well as ambling round the Christmas markets. The Northern Quarter was just the sort of place I can imagine selling my chairs, I think Hickey and Dobson would fit in very well up there and I went to bed dreaming about the day I can afford to open my own shop!

PS: Sheffield wasn't half bad either, the botanical gardens were beautiful and it had some really pretty little shopping streets, it's just that it was tipping down with rain and therefore not at it's most photogenic!