So, yet again many moths have past since my last blogging flurry. I have been pretty remiss in terms of photography and looking back over the last few months, it seems I only take photos of Joseph! Note to self, I must rectify this. With that in mind, here are a few pics of the last few months. 

We took our annual summer trip to my parents house in Spain which was as beautiful as ever. 

As you might be able to see from this last picture, I was five months pregnant at the time which means that I am now two weeks from my due date (and a whole lot bigger than I was in this photo)! We are expecting another little boy on 1st December and all three of us are very excited by his imminent arrival. I've had a pretty easy pregnancy - or maybe it's just that i'm not doing up  house this time round - whatever the reason, I am feeling pretty well prepared for number two. Famous last words!!

We have had a lovely autumn too, I started my maternity leave early (which is no doubt the reason this pregnancy has been so much easier) and Joseph and I have pottered around London and the surrounding countryside. 

On a recent trip to Hereford we spent a day exploring a National Trust house called Croft Castle. It was a drizzly day but that added to the charm really and eeriness of the place. The walled garden was pretty amazing.

Last but not least, I have a new chair for sale. It is one of the little cocktail chairs and dates back to old East German state. It is a beautiful little chair and has been upholstered in lovely Designers Guild fabric. Please ask if you have any further questions.

Orange cocktail chair: 1940's East Germany, orange wool cloth and oatmeal linen, £300

If you have any questions regarding the chair, please contact me on 07771988961 or hickeyanddobson@gmail.com


New chair

I have procured two new chairs which, in my opinion  are some of the best I have ever had. They are a beautiful shape, in extremely good condition with perfect wood work and they have the much sought after wicker arms. The wicker work is often damaged but on these chairs it is perfect.

I have two which are identical and their measurements are as follows: w55 x h80 x l70

The cost of each chair including fabric and upholstery is £650. The fabric must be from my personal stock. I have a large range of colours and styles available and if you let me know which colours you are interested in, then I can send you some samples for you to choose from.

Please get in touch on hickeyanddobson@gmail.com if you are interested.


Simple garden pleasures

This is our third summer in our house in Harlesden, if you read the blog back in 2014 you might remember the state of the garden when we moved in, basically a muddy rectangle and before that a scaffolding graveyard. 

Stage one: This was the state of the garden when we first looked round the house

Stage 2: Once we had cleared the previous owners rubbish out of the garden.

Stage 3: The first spring in the house after we had sorted out the design, lawn, shed etc.

Stage 4: Two years in the house and the garden feels pretty established.

The garden is north facing and we have had to think carefully about what to plant as it doesn't get nearly as much sunlight as our old flat. Also the damp shady conditions are a snails paradise and we have a serious snail issue.

We have a patio by the house that gets sun up until about lunch time so we try and eat as many breakfast as possible out here.

The end of the garden gets the most sunshine but unfortunately that's where our bike shelter and shed are. I have managed to shoe horn in our hot house so all the seedlings grow.

We tried to plant quite a lot of evergreen plants that would give a good coverage in winter and don't mind being in the shade. This fern  is going bonkers and the jasmine tree behind is pretty happy too.

And so that's it, our little Harlesden haven. It's a bit rough around the edges as I've pretty much let it look after itself this year. It's not a patch on our last flat and when we move again it will be a high priority to get a south facing garden. That said, it is beautiful, Joseph LOVES it and so do I. I really find it to be my little oasis  of calm in an often crazy world.